Set up your Bullet Journal from zero!

Have you been playing around with the idea of starting a Bullet Journal but still haven’t made that first step?

This course is exactly the little push you need!

During this course, I’ll take you through each step on your way to set up your Bullet Journal. I’ll explain how the system works, give you some ideas on how you can customize it, and some tips and tricks to make it easier for you.

The lessons will include:

  • Detailed explanations of different parts of the Bullet Journal system
  • Step by Step guide for all the basic pages
  • Examples of each spread mentioned
  • Bonus resources to help you learn more about each element
  • Access to Resource Vault with plenty of printables and other materials for your Bullet Journal

It’s completely free and it will take you only 10 days if you do one actionable step a day.

After that, you’ll have a beautiful Bullet Journal ready to use right away.

Signup in the form below and let’s start your journey to creative planning today!

Bullet Journal For Beginners

What The Students Say

Yes I really enjoyed the corse! I always looked forward to the email the past 10 days and I was always exited about what I would learn!

This course was very easy to understand. You were very strait forward and a TON of help!

I did feel like there was a lack of page ideas in the course but you also sent me that link to the 300 ideas which really helped me out.

I don’t think I need anymore explanation on anything because, again, you were very thorough and strait forward in your emails.

Thanks again!


I loved your course!! I changed my notebook for a dotted one. First because is easier to design in a dotted notebook and second because after I took your course I noticed I made a lot of mistakes in the old one. Thank you so much for your course.


I loved your email course. These 10 days were fabulous with our email exchanges. I really enjoyed it a lot. you blogs that you suggested and the steps you explained everything very well. There was no difficulty in understanding. According to me, I don’t think anything was missed out. You have covered up all the essential points and steps for BuJo.

Thank you for bringing such courses! It really did help me to organize myself, my time, and my life.


Thank you so much! I’m really not good at Bullet Journaling but I started July last year and loved it because it helped me so much.

Those tips you gave helped me out a lot and I really love the course. It was understandable and so simple to follow through.


I did enjoy your Bullet Journal course. Your directions were very well explained and I enjoyed the illustrations as well.  It was very helpful and I now have a fully functional Bullet Journal. I appreciate the time it took to put the course together. Thank you very much!


Be sure to share this course with any of your friends who are looking into starting a Bullet Journal.

Bullet Journal Basics Free Course | Masha Plans