Welcome to our Freebies page! I want to make sure I do my best to support you on your Bullet Journal adventures, so I gathered tons of free materials and resources for you to explore.

First – Free Resources Vault. You can download a lot of printables there – Bullet Journal pages, printable stickers, weekly spreads, habit trackers and so much more. All you need is to sign up! You can join the Resources Vault here.

Second – Free Bullet Journal For Beginners Course. This is a free course to introduce you to Bullet Journaling and walk you through setting up your first one. You can learn more about the course and start it here.

Finally – Free Doodling Course “7 Days To Stunning Doodles”. A fun little course to teach you all you need to know to start doodling and being creative.

Of course, the most detailed free resource I have here is the blog! Be sure to check out our detailed posts on tons of different Bullet Journal topics:

Bullet Journal For Beginners

How To Be Creative (doodling, lettering and more!)

How To Deal With Bullet Journal Struggles

Inspirations For Your Bullet Journal

How To Use Your Bullet Journal To Improve Your Life

If you need some help, have suggestions or just wanna chat – always feel free to contact me via the contact form, or just email me at

We would also be happy to see you in our Facebook group Bullet Journaling To Happiness, where you can meet likeminded Bullet Journal enthusiasts of different levels, help each other, and exchange inspirations.