Productivity Bundle

Productivity Bundle


Out of stock

Hand-drawn printable Bullet Journal productivity bundle, 5 pages.

This listing is for a printable file, no physical item will be shipped.

Out of stock

Hand-drawn printable productivity set.

Monthly theme: camping

This listing is for a printable file; no physical item will be shipped.

If you have any issues with your download, please email me at

It Includes:

  • productivity daily log
  • time tracker (read here more about using this spread)
  • time batching (weekly schedule divided by time slots for better panning)
  • daily routines (read here to know why routines help your productivity and how to set up one)
  • pomodoro tracker (each section is for 25 minutes of intensive work; take a 5 min break between each pomodoro; after completing 4 of them, take a larger break of 20-30 min)

How to Print and Use:

  • Once you have downloaded your file, you will need a PDF Reader like Adobe Reader (100% free here) to open the file.
  • From your PDF Reader, find your print button and print your documents. Do not print double-sided, and be sure that you have selected ‘Actual Size’.
  • After printing, you will see lines around each of the pages. These are your cut lines. Carefully use a pair of scissors or a straight-edge cutter to cut out your pages.
  • Finally, use a glue stick or adhesive tape to secure your pages to your journal.

How To Customize Your Setup:

  • add washi tape
  • add color
  • add stickers

If you want to know more on how to print and what to use to add them to your journal, be sure to check this post: How To Use Printables In Your Bullet Journal.

Due to the digital nature of the files, these CAN NOT be canceled or refunded.

***For personal use only. The files may not be copied, shared, or distributed in any way.***

Print, cut, and enjoy.

Keep Bullet Journaling and Don’t Be A Blob!

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